Place of sighthounds in History till on caps of Champagne wines

What can be the best link between History, Heritage, heraldry, city who french kings were crown, Champagne region and champagne wine ? Evident : sighthounds dogs breeds !


Sighthound, “lévrier” and the female in french “levrette”, a royal dog, elegant, bubbly and  above all present over the siecles, witness and partner, fellow of kings and aristocrats. (Those dogs are in the group number 10 who classify dogs breeds).

The sighthounds are shown in Art on differents materials : paintings, frescoes, statues, potteries, tapestries, change, dishes, vases, and are loyal figure  on coat of arms for nobles families or villages and cities.

Greyhound or whippet also there, fellow after the death, like this one on the tombstone wanted by Anne de Bretagne for her parents, François II and Marguerite de Foix. Anne de Bretagne one of those personnalities who played a big part to the passion in France the sighthounds.

Xavier Przezdziecki’s great book, is a bible about the place of sighthounds in History « Le destin des lévriers » (translation : “sighthounds destiny”), book printed by Edica’s editions.

The sources are extremely varied and  spread during siecles. It’s the subjet of varied collections on the account of Champagne Damien-Buffet on Pinterest :

All of it till the official opening of the royal collection of champagne’s caps in tribute to those dogs breeds on bottles caps of champagnes of Damien-Buffet house. They’ll like that preside at the start of sparkling of those wines of celebrations, party, feasts, all around the world. It’s the place who seems to be there place, showing them at the best place : around family, events of life and happiness.


The theme about the place of sighthounds in History has been chosen by Champagne Damien-Buffet House, as a tribute to those breeds of special dogs. It became self-evident :

Reims, city of coronation of 35 french kings, situated at 8 kms of our winery in Sacy. The cultural heritage of the city shows some sighthounds on tapestries, and some can be seen on the renovated pediment of the cathedral. They were there in front of this cathedral and historical monuments during kings coronations.

Some whippets or greyhounds are also included more well known tapestries than those of Palais du Tau in Reims, like the 6 taspestries of « La Dame à la Licorne » at Cluny’s museum.

or in Bayeux the tapestry named la « Reine Mathilde » or the « Grand-Britain conquest» by Guillaume the Conqueror.

List of 126 coat of arms of villages in France shown geographically, showing a sighthound (greyhound, whippet) who are named “lévrier” or “levrette” for the female in french. The sighthound is in heraldry the symbol of loyalty.

Many families from aristocracy in Europ included also a sighthound in their coat of arms. But for them, sorry it’s impossible, even if it’ll be interesting to see it near the villages’ coat of arms and known like that if some regions, some historical periods or facts are part of the decision of this choice of symbol.


Champagne Damien-Buffet’s House has now 12 classy and elegants ambassadors, 9 whippets, 2 galgos and 1 greyhound. A royal collection numbered from 1 to 12 for the 12 differents dogs and on the reverse of the caps the name of the dogs, the breed, the country they come from. All of them are with the wire cage on each bottle, of all the cuvees of champagnes premier cru (except for LElixir who is a limited edition).

Those sighthounds ambassadors has been chosen by drawing lot after a photos contest who 5 countries took part of it (France, Switzerland, UK, Czech Republic, USA) in Autumn 2016.

It’s the time of an annual cycle of the vineyard, from the change of the look of the bottles, beginning of wine tourism animations, after renovation of the farm of the family for work and welcome, shop spaces, , changing for a responsive design bilingual website, with blog and social medias profiles and content. All of it  rewarded by the french quality certification label Vineyard and Discoveries.

Since the official opening of  the royal collection of champagnes’ caps of 12 whippets, greyhound or galgos, you can now buy all the bottles and cuvees of champagnes DAMIEN-BUFFET’s House who have them all (excep l’Elixir, limited to 250 bottles by year), and collect the caps bottle after bottle with the discovering of which dog ambassador is on the top of each bottle of champagne, or you can buy directly the caps collection if you are collector, or if you would like it as a gift for someone who is collector or like the dogs.


The official opening of the cuvees of champagnes DAMIEN-BUFFET, with those breeds on the caps on top of the bottles with the wire cage, and the reward of the winners of the photos contest, who was done in autumn 2016, were part of the  central programme of the 2017 occasion of the global Champagne Day (click here to see the photos album)

NB : Champagne Day, it’s the third Friday each october all around the world. The beginning was in USA like a pre-diner shared through social medias with photos or videos of the tasting of champagne. The Champagne region organize his 8 occasion in Aube and in  Sacy with Champagne Damien-Buffet’s House since 2016.

Charles Palmer and his family, guests of honor for Champagne Day in Sacy on 20/10/2017, winemakers of english sparkling wines in Sussex, Charles Palmer Vineyards, through the story of their family coat of arms who it has a greyhound on it and the sharing of their wines, drawed a parallel with the tasting of cuvees of champagnes Damien-Buffet. All of it contributed to the open-mindedness like that sighthounds give us the example with their character joyfull and sociable.
It’s crossing the spirit of Mission and actions of « Hillsides, Houses and Cellard of Champagne » who organize some reconciliations stays. Champagne region, for this file, entered in the list of World Heritage since the 4/7/2015. Reims, Unesco’s city and each of all the 320 villages in Champagne region are involved in wine tourism and for doing better in Champagne AOC area .

The association Soligalgos is very active, to save and rescue some galgos in Spain, and in add during historical médieval reconstruction (fêtes johanniques in Reims, and also during the celebration of Jeanne d’Arc in Orléans, and for the event around ducales de Guise). Those actions are exactly in the thematic de of the place of sighthounds dogs in History.

The President, Muriel Douheret, accepted to participate to Champagne Day in Sacy (journée mondiale du Champagne in french), with around ten members costumed, with galgos dogs. It’ helped to show the story of those breeds and the respect we have to have to those dogs.


The first pleasant walk was on the terroir of Sacy on 21/10/2017, the day after Champagne Day. The walkers, hikers and families with dogs discovered the natural and beautiful view between vines of Sacy and the forest of Natural Regional Park of Montagne-de-Reims.

All people were happy of this moment between nature and tasting, from the vineyard to the wine, quiet walk with family, or friends, with the doggies. Why stop there, the plan of the circle for the walk who is an hour long or a bit more is possible and done by everybody.

NB : click to see the photos album of this first walk between dogs lovers and champagne lovers in Sacy

For all who’ll be interested in this kind of walk, animation, contact Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET by phone or mail, your need and question will be carefully considered. For example if you would like to organize a walk or a tour in nature around Sacy, or come to taste the wines during a journey or a morning, or  if would prefer some things for adults and some for children at our winery and around, all of it shall be possible but we need some details and dates to organize all for the best.

Véronique, Henry DAMIEN and their children
Welcome to the winery of Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET’s House
12 Châtillon’s street
51500 Sacy, France
Phone or short message : +33 (0)3 26 05 98 17 ou +33 6 08 93 66 87
Email : [email protected] or [email protected]

Champagne Damien-Buffet harvest grapes 2017 in Sacy


The year 2017 was with a contrasted weather, and for some french wine growers (vignerons), from Champagne and from other french vineyards, some vines have been damaged by climatic hazards. Hail and/or frost in Spring damaged beginning of chardonnays buds in Champagne AOC.Summer was scortching with storms at the end of August. Wine growers were a bit afraid and prayed for not more damages and a good harvest grapes. The manual cut of the grapes in Champagne area helps to choose the beautiful grapes and cut the bad parts to keep out the rotten parts.

Sugar content was good and the harvest has been good and began at the end of August and ended at the end of first week of September for the team of harvesters of Champagne Damien-Buffet’s House. Thanks God all ended well under the sun of Sacy !

Click here if you want to see more picutres of the harvest with the team of harvesters with members and regular harvesters of Damien’s family.Champagne Damien-Buffet choose to use the equipments of the cooperative of Sacy village, but vinify and elaborate the cuvees of champagnes with the members of the family, producing some “champagnes de vignerons”.If you want to share moments of our family business life and work and news of the vineyard of Champagne follow our news of the blog of Champagne Damien-Buffet’s House.PS : If you want to come for a trip and stay in Champagne at 8 kms from Reims in the village of Sacy think to the guests rooms of Champagne Damien-Buffet’s House, you’ll benefit of a warm and quality welcome , the same if you want to visit the cellar, have a tasting champagne or buy some bottles of our champagnes premier cru.Véronique & Henry DAMIEN and their children and relatives
Cellar of Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET’s House
12 Châtillon’s street
51500 Sacy, France
Phone or SMS : +33 (0)3 26 05 98 17 or mobile phone +33 6 08 93 66 87
Email : [email protected]







Discovering Champagne AOC and Champagne sparkling wines from Champagne Damien-Buffet’s House


  • Champagne Damien-Buffet, cellar and welcome 12 Châtillon’s street, 51500 Sacy, France, at 8 kms from Reims, a few minutes from train station TGV Reims-Bezannes, at 20 kms from Epernay and in the heart of Naturel Régional Park of Montagne de Reims. Wine growers and wine makers, producers of wines from Champagne, we elaborate a range of wines from Champagne first cru under label “champagnes de vignerons” and some ratafia de Champagne (wine without bubbles for pre diner). Come to discover or buying direct cellar producer. (NB : Hillsides, Houses and Cellars from Champagne are listed on UNESCO World Heritage since july 4, 2015. The RNP of Montagne de Reims is classified exceptionnal forest). Phone : +33 (0)3 26 05 98 17 Cellular phone : +33 (0)6 08 93 66 87


Welcome at DAMIEN-BUFFET’s Champagne House and cellar all year :

  • MIDDLE SEASON (15 march, april, september) each day from 10h30 to 12h30 and from 14h30 to 17h30 each day (for national holidays or special days in middle of week, it’ll have some cellar doors opening or animations, look at the blog to know it n details)
  • SUMMER SEASON (july to middle of August) each day and for Saturday and Sunday from 10h30 to 18h00
  • AUTUMN AND WINTER SEASON (october, november, december, january, february, till March 15) : look at the blog to know the animations and special opening for ex for global Champagne Day (each third Friday of october who we celebrate champagne all around the world, share it through social medias and celebrate or organize an event at Champagne Damien-Buffet’s House cellar and in our vineyard and village, the theme change each year

The concept : to propose an original, welcoming and comfortable place to discover and taste our wines from Champagne, and, at the same time, to learn more about the how to do it, our culture and knowledges of Champagne region and wines.

Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET’s House is a family business company. So one or differents members of the family will be there to welcome you and animate the space. We are allways pleased to welcome visitors or wine tourists, hikers, with family or friends on the Champagne road, or coming there with your dogs to discover our special corks caps collection of 12 sighthounds ambassadors on our champagnes wines.

You’ll be welcome in the warm atmosphere of our cellar, our private space, or in our courtyard during spring and summer season, or outside for certains wine tourism animations.


Discover the House of champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET, our family business, passed on from parents to children since many centuries, who knew how to keep, from generations to generations, the expertise, know how, and add to it new skills, the company and the vineyard farming/cultivation being in perpetual evolution.

Between authenticity and diversity, we propose to let you discover 5 Champagne Wines from our range with differents distinctives colours, sensations :

  • Commented tasting of 5 Champagne wines : 10,00 € per visitor
  • Commented visit of cellar and working space, then the tasting : 20€ per visitor (booked a RDV)
  • Educationnal visit of the vines and vineyard, visit of cellar and working space, commented tasting of 5 Champagne wines : 20€ par personne (booked a RDV)

Tasting price offered, if you buy 6 bottles of 75 cl per person (so 10€ less per person for a card board o wines bought)

Direct selling from producer :

You’ll benefit from our advices, after the commented visit you’ll feel your preferences during the tasting and you’ll be able to shop some accessories and corks caps collections at our small shop at the welcome space

PAY ATTENTION To respect the french law, the tastings are exclusively for adults (more than 18 years old). The alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health, drink responsively.


Groups welcoming, with visits, tastings of Champagne wines, meal or picnic, pairing between food and champagne, for a journey or a middle journey are between our wine tourism. The activities for groups are only organized after booking date and number of persons and been paid.

Others animations : picnics, hikers and tourists trail between vineyard and forest of regional natural park of Montagne-de-Reims, animations with themes (chocolat and champagne…) : for it, contact us or look at the news on our blog or social medias pages who we publish all year long what we are doing, working in cellar or in vineyard, special animations and so on.

For all specifical needs : need to privatised a room or cellar for company tasting, visits, tastings, prices, booking or other if you need some, contact us. We’ll find how to reply to your need and find together a solution with great pleasure.

champagne damien buffet coordonnees pour reservation visites et degustations



















Walk between vineyard and forest with sighthounds, Soligalgos association and Champagne Damien-Buffet

Pleasant walk all together, humans and sighthounds, from Sacy village between vineyards, vines and forest on 21/10/2017

RDV le 21/10/2017, le lendemain de la Journée Mondiale du Champagne (global Champagne Day) organisée par le Champagne Damien-Buffet à Sacy pour encore plus de partage sur la thématique de la place des lévriers dans l’Histoire et ici plus échanger concrètement des histoires de chiens, en marchant ensemble pour le plus grand plaisir des lévriers et des humains, avec une vue magnifique sur le haut du village.

Le village de Sacy est un village fleuri, situé à seulement 8 kms de Reims, cité des sacres royaux.

Côté pratique pour vous rendre au départ de la promenade

Prendre, en venant de Reims, la direction de la gare TGV de Bezannes (appelée Reims-Champagne) et au dernier rond point, au pied de la gare, prenez la petite route qui vous indique “Sacy”, vous y êtes en quelques minutes et 3 kms.

Pour ceux qui veulent les coordonnées GPS, les voici : 49.1974549 et 3.9483676 à entrer dans votre GPS de voiture si vous souhaitez vous faire guider ou trouver de suite sur une carte le point précis.

Vous pouvez aussi cliquer ici pour voir la fiche de la commune de Sacy et ce qui se trouve à proximité, Les liens de proximité sont ceux proposés par Google, d’après les annonces payantes Google adwords, donc pas forcément complètes. Si vous avez besoin de plus de détails, postez un commentaire, nous essaierons de vous répondre au mieux.

La commune de Sacy est sur la route touristique du champagne et au coeur du Parc Naturel Régional de la Montagne de Reims (forêt classée forêt d’exception). Elle fait partie des 320 communes de l’AOC Champagne, dans la zone d’engagement depuis le 4/7/2017 lorsque le dossier Coteaux, Maisons et Caves de Champagne ont été inscrits sur la liste des biens du Patrimoine Mondial de l’Humanité (site Unesco).

Aperçu du contexte en quelques images et détails pratiques :

Voici quelques photos pour vous donner une idée des paysages et point de vue entre vignoble de Champagne et la forêt :

Après la montée venant du village deux possibilités en forme de Y et une entrée dans la forêt pour aller prendre une toute petite partie du GR142

La balade est ouverte à tous ceux qui respectent les consignes de ce type de rando : chiens en laisse, respect de l’environnement, esprit de partage.

Il y aura plein de chiens lévriers et leurs copains, des membres du Champagne Damien-Buffet et de  l’association Soligalgos, entre vignes de Sacy et forêt du Parc Naturel Régional de la Montagne de Reims.

Bien sûr les marcheurs avec ou sans chien sont aussi les bienvenus, avis aux amateurs ! 🙂

Plus de détails sur le circuit de balade :

Configuration du circuit :

Le circuit est prévu entre vignes et forêt. Il forme une partie en boucle avec un aller retour dans la rue principale du village pour rejoindre le point de ralliement.

C’est accessible aux marcheurs amateurs en prenant son temps. La promenade comporte le dénivelé de la pente que vous voyez ci-dessus sur la photo prise de l’arrivée au village (altitude moyenne de 174 m).

La rando est accessible à tous, sauf aux fauteuils handicapés et difficile pour les poussettes, vu le dénivelé et qu’une partie est sur des chemins de vignes pas empierrés

La traversée du village vous permet de découvrir le lavoir et l’église romane classée monument historique.

sacy eglise lavoir champagne damien buffet

Les chemins sont pour une part des chemins de vignes où les marcheurs sont acceptés s’ils respectent l’environnement et n’abîment pas les vignes et gardent les chiens tenus en laisse tout le temps.

Voici une vue du dessus : Sacy est le village du milieu, la masse sombre est le parc naturel régional, les zones, avant le village, sont les champs qui sont cultivés en céréales, entre Reims-Bezannes et Sacy, le village sur le bas de la photo à droite est Ecueil et celui sur le haut de la photo est Villedommange.

Belle allée forestière mais là aussi chiens en laisse pour la partie qui recoupe une petite partie du chemin de grande randonnée du PNR, le GR142. .

Le point de vue est magnifique vu d’en haut et vous pouvez voir plus largement que sur cette photo. Celle ci vous montre le focus vers le dessus du village de Sacy en biais venant de la forêt

La boucle touristique correspond environ à 1h15 à 1h30 de marche suivant si vous marchez d’un bon pas ou prenez votre temps pour admirer le paysage et la vue bien dégagée la plupart du temps.

Le vignoble de Sacy est classé premier cru de Champagne et s’étire entre deux autres villages, Villedommange et Ecueil.

Horaires de la rencontre :

  • Départ de la balade : 14h30 de Sacy soit du quai de débarquement de la coopérative qui est à l’entrée du village sur la droite de la route au niveau du panneau d’entrée de village, soit du hangar, qui devrait être terminé d’ici la date de la rencontre, qui est à gauche de la route d’accès venant de Reims. Pour ceux qui ne savent pas et sont champenois, vous pouvez entre temps aller vous rendre compte en visite à l’exploitation familiale du Champagne Damien-Buffet au 12 rue de Châtillon qui est la rue principale entre l’entrée du village venant de Reims et la place du village.
  • Retour estimé à 16h où un pot de l’amitié est prévu au point de retour qui vous sera indiqué par le fléchage.

En savoir plus sur le programme de Champagne Day 2017 à Sacy avec le Champagne Damien-Buffet

Cliquez ici si vous voulez prendre connaissance de l’article présentant le Champagne Day avec le Champagne Damien-Buffet où des membres de Soligalgos seront aussi présents avec un stand, le 20/10/2017.

Tout au long de l’année, vous pouvez participer à une dégustation éducative commentée et voir l’effervescence de nos vins, suivre le suspense, lorsqu’on retire la coiffe métallique, pour découvrir quel ambassadeur lévrier, parmi les 12 possibles, recouvre la bouteille.

Véronique et Henry DAMIEN
Vous accueillent à la propriété de la Maison de Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET
Cave et boutique de vins de champagnes, accessoires autour du Vin, gastronomie, randonnée
12 rue de Châtillon
51500 Sacy, France
Tél ou SMS : +33 (0)3 26 05 98 17 ou +33 6 08 93 66 87









Certification label Vineyard and Discoveries

label vignobles et decouvertes

Who can have the certification label “Vignobles et Découvertes” ?

Created in 2009, the certification label “Vignobles & Découvertes” Vineyards and Discoveries is attributed during 3 years by Atout France, the french tourism development agency after recommandation of Conseil Supérieur of Winetourism, to a destination who offers some packages and destinations around tourism, wine tourism and viticulture multiples et complentarity (hosting, restauration, visit of cellar and tasting museum, event and much more,…) and who help the client who want to organize a trip and stay and choose quality services.

The certification label “Vignobles & Découvertes” Vineyards and Discoveries is a collective brand, the brand “Vignobles et Découvertes” has a special process for being attributed and many details for the logo, the uses and so on.

The website Tourisme in Champagne explains more about it for labellisation Vignobles et Découvertes and the list of the professionnals involved and who have the label for wine tourism quality services. Clic on the link to read more about this subject.

The certification label “Vignobles et Découvertes” Vineyards and Discoveries is attributed to House of Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET situated in Sacy, village classified premier cru de Champagne (first cru of Champagne) in Montagne de Reims.

The house of champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET situated in the village of Sacy, near Reims and on the touristic road of Champagne, reply to all the criterias of the certification label “Vignobles et Découvertes” Vineyards and Discoveries who want the agency of french tourism development Atout France for a quality welcome all year long at the winery. Sacy a small village classified, premier cru of champagne, at 8 kms from Reims and the cathedral who were crown many of the french kings. It’s also not so far from Epernay and his well known Avenue of Champagne, and the winery is in the heart of the Regional Natural Park in Montagne de Reims.

Guided visits of the terroir and of the cooperative, champagnes tasting commentated, picnic in the vines, welcome and selling at the winery and doors prices, animations around wine tourism and rooms and spaces for people or professionnals.

Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET (champagne and guest rooms) is family business. They work in their vines and elaborate champagnes of wine makers and some ratafia , wine of Champagne, organize some activities around wine tourism, and also do all is possible for a quality welcome, warm, cosy and professionnal, they organize also some open doors week-ends, or some events funny and/or educative, like for their participation in June to the efforts of the Mission Landscapes Houses and Cellards of Champagne at UNESCO World Heritage, or other example for the global Champagne Day third Friday of october and in many otheroccasions. For reading more about it, look at the website blog Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET.

Reasons why the Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET and his guest rooms are now with the certification label “Vignobles et Découvertes”, this logo green and white with a leaf of vine and an house you can see on all the supports of communication like noticed in  Atout France rules

Véronique & Henry DAMIEN
Welcome of the Champagne House DAMIEN-BUFFET
12 Châtillon’s street
51500 Sacy, France
Phone or SMS : 00 +33 (0)3 26 05 98 17 or 00 +33 6 08 93 66 87
Email : champagne.damien.buffet(at)














Sacy village on touristic road of Champagne

Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET’s House welcome you during week-ends, open doors or on reservation for groups (in this case please send a mail or call to the winery to ask if and when it’ll be possible)


  • On Saturday 30/4, Sunday 31/4 and Monday 1/5/2017 : open from 14:30 to 18:30
  • On Saturday 6/5, Sunday 7/5 and Monday 8/5 : open from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 14:30 to 18:30
  • On Sunday 21/5 : open from 10:00 to 12:30 and 14:30 to 18:30
  • On Thursday 25/5 : open from 14:30 to 18:30
  • On Friday 26/5 to Sunday 28/5 : open from 10:00 to 12:30 and 14:30 to 18:30
  • On Saturday 10/6 and Sunday 11/6 : open from 10:00 to 12:30 and 14:30 to 18:30

It’ll be a great occasion to discover a family business winery during those open doors, being warmly welcome in a renovated winery farm, for more pleasure.

Cellar door prices for your buy of Champagne wines and ratafia (quiet wine elaborated with wine from Champagne and add of marc de Champagne, so it’s 18,5° of alcohool but great with many good gastronomic products or just for pleasure).

Tasting of champagnes per visitor 5€ per glass and tasting for free in case you’ll buy 6 bottles per visitor.

Welcoming at the winery 12 Châtillon’s street 51500 Sacy, France (8kms from Reims) in Montagne de Reims :

It’s not so far too from Epernay and situated in the heart of Natural Regional Park of Montagne de Reims and on the touristic road of Champagne.

Happy Spring and Summer week-ends in Champagne with bubbles to taste and share !

PS : SAVE THE DATE FOR GLOBAL CHAMPAGNE DAY on October 20 2017 at the winery !!!

If you cannot come but would like to order, click on the link to download the Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET prices list for ordering, then ask to them for the sending prices to your place in France or country if you want to send in an other country than France.

If you want to visit us during other week-ends and during the week, we welcome all year long. But it’ll be easier and more comfortable to mail us and asking before to be sure to receive the best welcome possible for your venue.

Our winetourism animations for other dates and events are noticed on our blog or website and are also noticed on our social medias accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin).

Véronique & Henry DAMIEN
Winery welcome of Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET House
12 Châtillon’s street
51500 Sacy, France
Phone or SMS : +33 (0)3 26 05 98 17 or +33 6 08 93 66 87
Email : champagne.damien.buffet(at)












You want to come for :

  • A tasting of our wines of Champagne (champagnes and ratafia)
  • Doing your shopping of sparkling wines for all occasions (party, celebration, marriage, wedding, anniversary, promotion, first flight) and shop products of french terroir and accessories availables in our shop.
  • Commentated visit of a cellar and of the Cooperative of Sacy
  • Taking part of an educational walk in our vines with a member of Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET family business
  • Taking part of events and thematics around Heritage, Champagne Region and wine tourism

Welcome at Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET House, tasting and shop space !


  • From Monday to Friday (close during public holiday) from 10AM to 12AM and from 2:30PM to 6:30PM.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, or for some public holiday, you’ll be allways welcom on RDV or for wine tourism calendar.

But, please contact us before for a RDV, or have a look on the blog for WE or special wine tourism events.

To be sure we’ll be there for you, you can send a short message by smartphone, or a call (Internet connexion or phone connexion can be difficult if we are in a cellar or certains spaces or nature areas). You can send a mail if you need some help or informations, booking a commentated visit for a group you want to organize, or asking how you can order our champagnes bottles, depending in which country you want to receive it.

We’ll do our best to reply in any case to each question and need of details, prizes, cost for transport and much more. Many thanks for your interest.

Click here and go to Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET contact form

OFFICE HOURS, 12 Châtillon’s street, 51500 SACY, FRANCE

  • From Monday to Friday (close during public holiday) from 9:30AM to 0:30PM and from 2:30PM to 6:30PM.

See you soon in Champagne, it’ll be a great pleasure to share our passion and welcome you !

Véronique & Henry DAMIEN
House of Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET
12 Châtillon’s street
51500 Sacy, France
Phone or SMS : +33 (0)3 26 05 98 17 ou +33 6 08 93 66 87
Email : champagne.damien.buffet(at)











Sacy’s wine-makers celebrate Saint-Vincent

Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET family celebrated Patron Saint of vignerons, wine-makers in Sacy on February 21.

Long life to Saint-Vincent and wine-growing traditions !

It’s in Champagne’s region that you can find the village of Sacy, on the touristic road of the champagne. Sacy is between the villages classified first cru of Champagne, he is situated at a few ks from Reims, in the heart of Natural Regional Parc of Montagne de Reims, this forest is labellise exceptionnal forest.

Since 4/7/2015, the 320 cities and villages of ‘AOC Champagne move and do things to be worthy of World Heritage inscription by Unesco judges with Hillsides, Houses and Cellars of Champagne

So it’s more important yet to maintain and let people know and share our traditions and terroirs of Champagne.

Saint-Vincent celebration is one of the most importants of the tradition in Champagne and in all the vineyards of France, Each Sunday around January 22 janvier the wine-growers, wine-makers, honoure their Patron Saint. They organize a celebration by village, et invite all want to discover and share this moment around wineproducers, vineyards, terroirs, and wines of Champagne.

21/2/2017 in Sacy beginning of the celebration by a glass all together and starting the procession from the house of the man who wear the stick to the church.

The church Saint-Rémy of Sacy has been built around XII siecle Romanesque fortified architecture. She is listed historical monument since 10/12/1919. She is a top of the hill in the village. So the procession of the winegrowers and their children costumed, carrying the symbols of the vine, the press, the barrel, the breads, and the stick in front of it, stick symbol of the guild, walking with music had to climb the hill to access to the church.

During the Mass, the priest bless the symbols of the vine, the bread and the wine and also all the people who are there and by thoughts all the winegrowers and winemakers. Each pray to have a good year, to nourrish their children and help the vines to grow in good health and give a good harvest grapes at the next harvesting Autumn.

Start from the church of Sacy, this time by Châtillon’s street to arrive to the cooperative of the village.

The procession pass in front of Champagne DAMIEN-BUFFET cellar,and then to the cooperative who it’ll have exchange of the stick to an other winegrower for this year and to award diplomas and for a champagne tasting. Cheers !

Click on the link to see all the photos (173 images) of the album Saint-Vincent of Sacy winegrowers.

It’s a pleasure to share our traditions and terroirs of Champagne.

Véronique & Henry Damien
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Visit of Sacy’s wine-producing cooperative of champagne

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Champagne Damien-Buffet organize visits

of Sacy’s wine-producing cooperative

M Henry DAMIEN is Vice President of Société Coopérative Vinicole de Sacy.
The cooperative of Sacy, village classified premier cru of Champagne, is situated 5 rue du Puits, 51500 Sacy.
This cooperative was created on 1962
The cooperative allows wine-making process by sharing big equipments for vinification of the wines of Champagne, coming from grapes of chardonnay, pinot noir, pinot meunier from vineyards of Sacy’s terroirs, harvested and brought by members of the cooperative.
Sacy’s cooperative let independance to his cooperative members, who can use equipment for elaborate their own cuvees of champagne not like in other cooperatives who they use all the grapes and wines for a collective brand.

The Champagne House Damien-Buffet offers packages of visits of their own familial winery and of  cooperative of Sacy.

RDV on wine-tourism page for details about those visits and tastings.

Contact Champagne House Damien-Buffet, for inquiries and to be welcome in the best conditions.
Véronique and Henry Damien
Champagne Damien-Buffet
12 Chatillon’s street
51500 Sacy, France
Phonel : +33 (0)3 26 49 23 62 ou +33 6 08 93 66 87

#champagneDay event in Sacy, Champagne on 21/10/2016

champagne Damien-Buffet

TAKE PART OF CHAMPAGNE DAY’S EVENT #champagneDay on social media !

Each year we take part on Twitter, through social medias, at an event named #champagneDay . More and more people around the world are sending photos, sharing their tastings moments. It’s a nice way to discover many champagne lovers, share our passion.

So this year we would like to let people do it in a funny and interesting way :

Possible choices of timing, 2 groups morning or afternoon :

1/ First choice of timing

8:45 RDV 12 Chatillon’s street at champagne Damien-Buffet’s House who you’ll be warmly welcome.

9 to 10A M Visit. We’ll show you Champagne terroirs, cooperative of the village, differences between cuvees, how we take care of our vineyard, how we produce and choice our wines to create our champagnes cuvees and ratafia.

10 AM to 12 AM tasting of three cuvees of our champagnes and ratafia of Champagne from our winery champagne Damien-Buffet and what we call “casse-croûte du vendangeur” for eating like our lunch during the harvest.

For those who know how to use Twitter, other social medias and want to share your #champagneDay moments, it’ll be greatly appreciated.

If not and if you want to learn, we can help you to begin on this social media and reply to your questions about other wines social medias. This working group will start from lunch to around 1:30 PM

2/ Second choice of timing

2:45 PM RDV 12 Chatillon’s street at champagne Damien-Buffet house who you’ll be warmly welcome.

3 to 4 PM visit. We’ll show you Champagne terroirs, cooperative of the village, differences between cuvees, how we take care of our vineyard, how we produce and choice our wines to create our champagnes cuvees and ratafia.

4 to 5:30 PM tasting of three cuvees of our champagnes and ratafia of Champagne from our winery champagne Damien-Buffet and what we call “goûter du vendangeur” it’s a snack like those we have during the harvest.

For those who know how to use Twitter, other social medias, and want to share your #champagneDay moments, it’ll be greatly appreciated. If not and if you want to learn, we can help you to begin on this social media and reply to your questions about other wines social medias. This working group will start from 5:30 PM to around 7 PM


Price 38 € per adult (in France it’s prohibitied to propose and pour some alcohol to young under 18 years old).

If you are with your family it’ll be free for children under 12 years old and the price will be 25 € for young from 13 to 18 with the snaking and beverage without alcohol.

Book your participation and pay your tickets online secure with Weezeven tickets’s agent

See you soon in Champagne to welcome you !

champagne Damien-Buffet et chambres hotes a Sacy
champagne Damien-Buffet et chambres hotes a Sacy


If you want some help to stay and discover more in our Champagne region, ask and we’ll try to help you with pleasure.

Sacy is a small village 1er cru of Champagne, at a few kilometers from Reims, a bit more from Epernay and near a natural regional park. So you can come easily by plane then by speed train (TGV) 45mns from Paris to Reims or from Belgium or Germany by car or train.

We are winemakers, a small winery with great quality of champagnes and ratafia. We do it since many generations and each of them bring a new way to let you discover the best of Champagne area and bubbles

In general if you are interested to visit us and search a place to sleep, we propose guest-rooms. We can prepare and book a tour or a visit of our winery for a group of 8 persons or more. Under this number we cannot have enough free time for individual visits, but call, perhaps we’ll have other persons who are searching for the same period than you and would like to be enough to book a visit.

For all details and prices, look atour website

Drinking too much alcohol is dangerous for your health, drink responsibly