Visit of Sacy’s wine-producing cooperative of champagne

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Champagne Damien-Buffet organize visits

of Sacy’s wine-producing cooperative

M Henry DAMIEN is Vice President of Société Coopérative Vinicole de Sacy.
The cooperative of Sacy, village classified premier cru of Champagne, is situated 5 rue du Puits, 51500 Sacy.
This cooperative was created on 1962
The cooperative allows wine-making process by sharing big equipments for vinification of the wines of Champagne, coming from grapes of chardonnay, pinot noir, pinot meunier from vineyards of Sacy’s terroirs, harvested and brought by members of the cooperative.
Sacy’s cooperative let independance to his cooperative members, who can use equipment for elaborate their own cuvees of champagne not like in other cooperatives who they use all the grapes and wines for a collective brand.

The Champagne House Damien-Buffet offers packages of visits of their own familial winery and of  cooperative of Sacy.

RDV on wine-tourism page for details about those visits and tastings.

Contact Champagne House Damien-Buffet, for inquiries and to be welcome in the best conditions.
Véronique and Henry Damien
Champagne Damien-Buffet
12 Chatillon’s street
51500 Sacy, France
Phonel : +33 (0)3 26 49 23 62 ou +33 6 08 93 66 87

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